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Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident?

Slip and fall accidents may range from mild to severe. It may cause you a bruised knee, or a small scrape on the leg. In certain cases though, they can be severe enough to end in life long care or even death. Accidents of this nature can lead to large medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and loss of work and income. If you or a loved one has experienced financial debt because of someone else’s carelessness, contact ChadBarr Law today for a FREE Consultation.
It is common to see many law firms take on hundreds of personal injury cases at one time, but at Chad Barr Law we treat our clientele like family. This allows us to meet each need of our client. We can focus on helping you earn the compensation you deserve, which will in turn help you get back on your feet.

Evidence for a Slip and Fall Accident

When someone enters a property, they are under the general assumption that the area is hazard-free and the person responsible for upkeep is maintaining a safe environment. Unfortunately, this is not always the case as landlords, property owners, retail store managers, and staff are not always as attentive as they should be when it comes to keeping others safe. Anyone who has slipped and fallen may consider filing a lawsuit for compensation for medical bills, loss of earnings, and other damages.

What is considered a slip and fall accident?

A slip and fall is when a person is hurt due to falling down, which occurs either on private, commercial or government property. These accidents can arise for a variety of reasons, including uneven pavement, puddle of slippery liquid, ice or other risky conditions. A victim of a slip and fall accident may have reason for a lawsuit if the injury was partially influenced by the negligence of another party.

What evidence may be required if I file a lawsuit?

If a victim of a slip and fall accident decides to sue the person responsible, meeting with a lawyer may be an important next step. The evidence for such an accident can include things like surveillance footage, witness statements, medical records, pictures of visible injuries, accident report, and photographs of the scene in addition to what caused your fall. A lawyer who is knowledgeable in personal injury cases can give you advice on what proof is be most influential.

How may “comparative negligence” impact my case?

By definition, comparative negligence is the percentage of fault for both the plaintiff and defendant. What may happen, is the defendant is still be awarded compensation for the slip and fall, but the amount will be reduced by what percentage he or she was at-fault for the fall. However, the plaintiff must be determined to be more than 50% responsible in order for the defendant to receive financial restitution.

Is there anything else I need to know about slip and falls?

Believe it or not, clothing can be an element of proof in your lawsuit. If you were involved in a slip and fall accident, you may want to set aside the clothes you were wearing at the time without washing. There may be scuffs, dirt, holes, or tears in your clothing that were caused because of the fall. It may be best to set these things aside until the lawsuit is complete.

Is there a need to hire an attorney for my lawsuit?

It is typically highly encouraged that a victim of a slip and fall accident hires an attorney for representation during the lawsuit. During the lawsuit, it may be only your word against the other. An attorney can provide assistance in building a strong case, offer counsel along the way, and fight for your behalf in court. Help from an attorney can be what increases your chances of the financial award you need to recover from such a setback.
Contact a seasoned attorney for a free consultation. Get on the road to healing as soon as possible by recovering your damages without delay. As a victim of a serious accident, you deserve compensation for your losses. We truly believe this, and can work alongside you from the beginning to the end to help you receive compensation. With our years of experience, and passion for this field of work, call Chad Barr Law today at 207-200-4573.

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